Ice Maker Repair in South Florida

Sub-Zero Ice Maker
Just because you have a broken ice machine doesn’t mean you should have to drink warm water. Chill things out again by turning to Sub-Zero Service Centers for ice maker repair in South Florida. Serving both residential and commercial customers, our Sub-Zero repair company responds quickly when you need us so you can cool off again with a refreshing drink.
Sub-Zero Ice Maker

If you manage a restaurant or a business where you need an ice maker, your customers or guests will not be happy if it breaks. Depend on our Sub-Zero ice maker repair specialists for quick and cool service. We fix any problem by providing both repair and authentic Sub-Zero part replacement.

How to Tell if Your Ice Maker Is Broken

It’s hot outside. A cold glass of water or soda would be refreshing right now, right? However, if your ice machine is broken, you’ll have to settle for a warm beverage. Before running out to buy ice at the store, give us a call. The team from our ice maker repair shop makes everything cold again—and fast! From repairing commercial ice machines to replacing parts for door-dispensing residential ice makers, we fix everything. If you notice any of the following with your ice maker, contact us today:

  • Ice Is Discolored
  • Specks in the Cubes
  • Ice Tastes Bad
  • Minimal Ice Production
  • No Ice in the Tray
  • Ice Cubes Too Small or Large
  • Maker Does Not Shut Off
  • Ice Does Not Eject
  • Water Leakage from Unit

Is Your Ice Maker Dirty?

You can’t see it, but ice cubes contain microscopic particles. They are usually harmless. However, if your machine is dirty, it could have mold or bacteria. That’s why it’s very important to schedule ice maker cleaning on a regular basis. Simply because it’s frozen doesn’t mean it’s clean. Allow us to inspect your machine and make sure everything is operating correctly.

In addition to cleaning, we’ll repair any damage and replace parts as needed. For instance, if you notice large discolored flecks or plastic in your ice, the entire metal ice maker tray may need to be replaced.

Experienced and Trained Sub-Zero Ice Maker Technicians

Sub-Zero ice machines, as well as any other Sub-Zero equipment, are known for their reliability. However, just like everything else, they eventually break. Unfortunately, there’s never a convenient time for this to happen. Depend on our ice maker repair service for emergency, same-day services. As a special service to you, we never charge extra for emergency calls, and if you choose to use us for repair, the estimate is free. We also honor factory warranties on parts and labor.

Contact us if your residential or commercial ice maker is broken. We proudly serve residential and commercial customers throughout South Florida.