Refrigerator Repair in Ocean Ridge, FL

You rely on your refrigerator for a ready supply of fresh food for meals and snacks. When your favorite appliance breaks down, you are forced to eat out or order take-out. To return your fridge to full efficiency, turn to Sub-Zero Service Centers. Rely on our factory-trained technicians for refrigerator repair in Ocean Ridge, FL.

The professionals we send to your home or restaurant for repair services are highly trained technicians who possess a wealth of knowledge and experience. Our techs specialize in Sub-Zero appliances. Some of these professionals have been with us as long as our company has been in business—more than 30 years. Before any of these professionals sign on with us, they must undergo a thorough background check and demonstrate proficiency. Count on our capable technicians for superior service for all of your Sub-Zero appliances.

Freezer Repair Rescues Your Food

You don’t want to see your gourmet food go to waste when your freezer refuses to keep its contents frozen. Reach out to us for freezer repair. Our company has technicians on duty around the clock so we can get to you quickly when you need service. Yes, you can call late at night, during the weekend, and on holidays. We arrive with all the parts, tools, and equipment required for freezer fixes. You don’t have to worry about the cost for we don’t charge extra for after-hours service

Restoring Convenience with Ice Maker Repair

When you take the ice out of a chilled drink, it seems like it doesn’t taste as good and all the fun is gone. We are used to our conveniences and having ice at hand is one of them. It is even more important in a restaurant for you just can’t serve lukewarm beverages to customers. To remedy this problem, turn to our company for ice maker repair. We apply our knowledge and experience to repairs, so you soon have ice for your drinks.

Get Wine Cooler Estimates Free with Repair Service

Before our technicians actually repair your wine cooler, we look over your appliance, determine what is wrong, and provide you with a detailed estimate. We let you what is required for repairs and how much it will cost. Our company doesn’t want you to be surprised. We believe in providing you with services of great value, which is why we don’t charge for estimates when you opt to have us make the repairs. Upon your approval, we efficiently proceed with wine cooler repair.

Contact us today to request a service call from one of our factory-trained technicians. We proudly serve residential and commercial customers in Ocean Ridge, Florida.