Refrigerator Repair in Jupiter, FL

Even premium brand-name appliances, such as Sub-Zero, need cleaning, maintenance, or repair now and again. When that time comes, pick a company with expert technicians who work only on these top-rated appliances. Ask Sub-Zero Service Centers for refrigerator repair in Jupiter, FL.

We choose our technicians carefully after completing thorough background checks and performance tests. Once they are on the job, they get factory training on Sub-Zero appliances. That training, combined with experience, results in technicians who are thoroughly qualified and capable of residential or commercial service with exceptional results. When your refrigerator has trouble with the coils, cooling, or sweating, call our technicians for service.

Using Only Sub-Zero Parts to Fix Your Freezer

We strongly believe in replacing old and worn parts in your freezer with authentic Sub-Zero parts. It only makes sense for your freezer repair. After all, we only work on this premium brand and possess specialized training. We are convinced of the quality and reliability of Sub-Zero parts and are committed to providing you with superior repair service.

Depending on the problem, your freezer may need a new fan, condenser coil, or expansion valve. Our technicians are master diagnosticians and quickly determine the problem and provide you with a written estimate. With your permission, we make the repairs, so you can take your frozen food items out of those Styrofoam coolers and return them to your freezer.

Diagnosing Problems to Your Ice Maker

You don’t want to resort to bagged ice when you want a chilled beverage. However, you may not have a choice when your ice maker is producing only water. When you notice dirty, discolored, or bad-tasting ice, reach out to our company for ice maker repair.

You may need repair service to replace parts or it could be something as simple as professional cleaning. Whatever the problem is, count on our expert technicians to tell you what is wrong and explain how to make it right. Rely on us for quality repairs.

Making Service Calls Round-the-Clock for Wine Cooler Repair

When you’re a wine connoisseur, you have a lot of money invested in your stock. It’s likely that investment includes a Sub-Zero wine cooler that maintains your bottles at the optimal temperature for aging—55 degrees. If your cooler is deviating from its normal temperature, ask our technicians to provide you with the necessary wine cooler repair to get the settings back on track. We are always on duty—nights, weekends, and holidays—for repairs that keep your wine from going bad.

Contact us today to diagnose and repair your Sub-Zero appliances. We proudly serve residential and commercial customers in Jupiter, Florida.