Refrigerator Repair in Vineyards, FL

When your refrigerator or freezers fail, you are on a countdown. In just a few short hours, perishable food will begin to spoil and become inedible, resulting in you being forced to throw away expensive groceries. Save your food and your money by making a call to Sub-Zero Service Centers. Our team of factory-trained technicians offers full-service refrigerator repair in Vineyards, FL, and other communities in Collier County.

We work 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so we are always available to handle your service call no matter when trouble strikes. You can count on us for an emergency response. Better yet, there are no additional charges for weekend or holiday service calls.

Trained to Tackle All Makes and Models

Local homeowners and business owners alike count on our technicians to handle all of their refrigerator and freezer repair problems. Our company is trained to work on all makes and models, including styles meant for personal use and industrial applications. No matter what kind of fridge or freezer you use or what problem it is experiencing, we can fix it for you.

You need to be able to trust the people you allow into your home or business. You can depend on us to take care of not only your appliance, but your entire property. Our employees are screened for your safety and trained to act professionally at all times while on the job. For more information on our company policies and staff, contact us today.

Repair Available for a Wide Range of Refrigeration Appliances

We fix more than just refrigerators and freezers; we work on a wide range of refrigeration appliances. Some of our most popular service calls are for ice maker and wine cooler repair.

Ice Makers are a convenience for homeowners and a necessity for many business owners. Whether you have an ice maker built into your fridge or a large, free-standing unit, you can count on our technicians to repair it. Give us a call when your ice maker begins leaking, creating dirty ice cubes, or stops working entirely.

Besides ice maker repair, our team also handles many wine cooler repair jobs for residential and commercial clients. Wine must be stored at the proper temperature in a wine cooler to preserve its complex flavor and aroma. Talk to our technicians when your wine cooler begins exhibiting red flags and we will get to the bottom of the problem.

Contact our refrigerator repair team to schedule a visit from our technicians. We proudly serve residential and commercial customers throughout Vineyards, Florida.